Guided Walks and Hikes in Manchester Valley and Southern Vermont

Hiking Tours and Info

Hiking Tours and Info

Every walk we offer is truly beautiful. The woods of Vermont are filled with special trees. Massive, gnarled oaks and determined maples. Striking birch. The cover of the spruce. All are homes to unique and picturesque flora and fauna. From fungus to porcupines and pileated woodpeckers,  Vermont is overflowing with exquisite nature.  Waterfalls. Frozen and silent in winter, thundering in spring, melodious in summer. And even the history of man.  The occasional antique sap buckets, with date and signature still visible, and hauntingly silent and cold quarries. Trail markers made from can lids many years ago. It’s all here if you know where to look. The peaks are outrageous, with stunning views on clear and cloudy days alike. The miles of hills, fields and mountains show the incredible beauty that is Vermont.

Why walk with a guide?

  • Ensure that you see what you want to see in the time you have to see it!
  • Walk only on trails appropriate for your ability.
  • Save time finding trail heads and enjoy walking instead of getting lost.
  • Let us do the leg work researching hikes!


Multiple walks are available to choose from depending on your time, fitness level, companions, aesthetic desires and mood!

 View Hikes
 Incredible views
 Remote Hikes
 Remote areas
 Cool and Shady Hikes
 Cool and shady spots
 Fall Foliage Walks
 Fall Foliage
 Hard Hikes
 Killer workouts
 Water Walks
 Streams, Rivers, and Lakes
 Kid Friendly Walks
 Kid fun
 Dog Friendly Hikes
 Dog friendliness
 Sunset Hikes
 Sunset views

Contact us to discuss your interests and options!

All walks are in the Manchester, Vermont area so you spend less time driving and more time walking!
Hike Up an Appetite


Picnic provided upon request. Fresh, local creations from any of several, uniquely Vermont, general stores. Vegetarian and gluten-free options available.

Required for Walking

  • Proper footwear
  • Appropriate clothes for the ever-changing Vermont weather
  • Water bottle

Optional Items

  • Camera
  • Bug spray
  • Hiking poles


Half day outing (3 hour guided walk) – $100
Full day outing (5 hour guided walk) – $200