Guided Walks and Hikes in Manchester Valley and Southern Vermont

Be Prepared To Walk

Be Prepared To Walk

Walkalong has put together some suggestions to help provide you with a safe and amazing walking experience!IMG_20160510_220904


avoid cotton- choose wool or synthetics instead

dress in layers

dress for the weather! Check ahead!


avoid wearing new boots on your hike, be sure to break them in at home first on short walks

don’t allow hot spots to develop, speak up and tape up!


bring repellant

wear light colors

tuck in and/or use gators


use a pack with two padded straps and go light!

ALWAYS bring along any medications, inhalers, epipens that you have/need and please let your guide know that you use them and where you packed them!

When walking please avoid:

  • roots, branches, sticks… They can roll and are slippery!
  • wet/mossy rocks… They are slippery as well and may shift!